I'm Max Ablicki, I'm a photographer, writer and social media influencer based out of New England. From the quiet backcountry to the bustling city I've worked on photo projects capturing the adventurous and creative side of life that's rooted in all of us. Here's a few ways in which we can get involved. 



 Photography projects are my most commonly used package, in which I take the time to develop an album of beautiful photos for your project capturing both the utilitarian side of your project, and unlocking the creative potential behind it. Projects will be given a project space here on ablicki.com to highlight the best photos, and will also be promoted on my social media. Photography projects typically consist of but are not limited to; unique rental destinations, fashion brands, outdoor lifestyle brands, apothecary goods, restaurants & coffee companies, websites and many more.  

 To inquire about a photography project, simply head to the contact page. 


Gallery Show

Do you own a coffee shop, gallery, restaurant or business looking for a fresh new look on your wall space? In a gallery show, I will make, frame, and display my best photographic prints in a temporary or permanent installation. Prints are made and framed custom for each show to guarantee originality and quality.  

To inquire about a gallery showing, simply head to the contact page. Please include the approximate number of prints and approximate sizes you'd like displayed. 



Something that comes with me on every journey is a simple notepad and pen. I take little notes and think of the things that inspire me. Journalism projects can add a new perspective on your website or print publication. I've worked with several publications both in print and online, and love the chance to share my ideas in the timeless art of writing. Journal articles include photography, a full written piece, and 1st round proofread from yours truly. 

To inquire about a journalism project, simply head to the contact page. 



Social Media Consultation 

With a social media consultation, I will personally take the time to review your social media platform and discuss the pros, cons, and strategies to engage and grow your page into something to be proud of. Available to meet for coffee, a meal, or in a simple online consultation. Social media is a relatively new and rapidly changing platform. Staying at the forefront of it can give you and your brand a fantastic creative edge that not every brand knows to look for, and I'm glad to offer my knowledge on the topic.

To inquire about a consultation, simply head to the contact page.