I'm Max Ablicki, I'm a photographer, writer and social media influencer based out of New England. From the quiet backcountry to the bustling city I've worked on photo projects capturing the adventurous and creative side of life that's rooted in all of us. Here's a few ways in which we can get involved. 



Photography projects are offered for brands, unique rental destinations, and anyone looking to find a creative and flattering way to get their ideas out to the world through a beautiful and visual route. Here’s what to expect from a photography project.

  • 10 highly curated and professional high-res images

  • A project space here on www.ablicki.com

  • A social media post & story share on @ablicki media

For rates and to set up a photography project, please contact me.



Something that comes with me on every journey is a simple notepad and pen. I take little notes and think of the things that inspire me. Journalism projects can add a new perspective on your website or print publication. I've worked with several publications both in print and online, and love the chance to share my ideas in the timeless art of writing.

For a writing project or photojournalism work, please contact me.



Creative Consultation 

In a creative consultation, I’m willing to take some time with you to discuss new ways in which you can reach your fans and supporters via social media, and offer up creative ideas on how to produce content to reach new folks or simply engage the fans you already have found.

To inquire about a consultation, simply head to the contact page.