Pond Place

A private pond, wildflower meadows, a warm wood stove, and big sliding windows that invite a crisp early-fall breeze right into your living space. The birds are chirping as your piping hot coffee steams on the wooden table and you smile knowing that It’s not a dream. Elegantly designed by Sundial Studios, the Pond Place is an architectural gem that blends modern luxury with simple woodland coziness. As the sun sets, you can enjoy a fire down by the pond, or get warm under the blankets and watch sitcoms on the projector, which seamlessly turns an entire wall of the cabin into your personal movie theatre. In your free time, take a trip down to NYC or enjoy a local hike. The immense attention to detail, love and respect for nature and design, and serene feeling of total escape are just a few things you’ll come to enjoy at Pond Place. To book your stay at Pond Place, click below.

Pond Place

The Howling Woods

Surrounded in a thick forest of spruce trees and moss, the Howling Woods stands as one of the most unique destinations I have ever visited. As a farm stay experience in Seal Cove, Maine, I found myself enjoying simple pleasures like waking up to the sound of the rooster in the morning, and cooking an omelette of farm-fresh eggs on the wood stove. I would spend my days exploring Mount Desert Island, hiking and exploring in Acadia National Park, and finding delicious dinner in Bar Harbor. At night, the coyotes will howl and sing in the woods in the distance, placing you in the shoes of the rugged homesteaders of long ago. I found myself leaving the Howling Woods with a new appreciation for the woods, a new friendship with the hosts; Candace and Brendan, and ultimately a desire to come back as often as I could.

The Howling Woods


As the sun started to set on the evening of July 4th, we teamed up with Huckberry to showcase some awesome gear from Flint and Tinder. As we kicked up dust on some old farm roads in Western Mass, we put the 365 Pant, the Flannel-lined Waxed Trucker Jacket, and a Heavyweight tee into action, chasing sunset and good stories. Immediately we were blown away by the style and quality of this outfit, and we’re excited to have Flint and Tinder in our wardrobe.

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Huckberry & Flint and Tinder

Diagon Air

A warm glow could be seen through the forest. To our left, a blueberry field with a view that extended out into the Penobscot Bay - and that glow was at the end of a road to our right, marked by cobblestones. We had been on the road all day, and now we were puling into the warm glow of the Diagon Air Cottage. We unloaded our bags from the Land Cruiser and immediately found ourselves at home. The Diagon Air Cottage creates a perfect blend of a private Maine woods cabin, while being an impressively modern and exquisite escape. Take a warm bath or relax in the steam shower, cook a fancy meal in the modern kitchen, or get cozy with a book from the library in one of the many quiet living areas of the house. When you’re ready, you can explore the nearby Deer Isle and Stonington, full of wildlife, trails, beaches, islands, villages, cafes, and working ports. It’s truly a perfect escape for anyone from New England adventurer to quiet bookworm.

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Diagon Air.

The Poet's Cottage

Nestled in the woods of Southwest Harbor, Maine, lies the perfect retreat for the creative soul, or for some folks looking to just escape into the woods. Simple, serene. I had the good fortune of spending several days at the Poet’s Cottage, even finding myself snowed in for one magical morning that can’t be found anywhere other than at the Poet’s Cottage.


From boots to boat shoes, Sperry has been crafting high-quality apparel and footwear for decades. I had the pleasure of working alongside Sperry to produce an album of photos for their Gold Cup line at the beautiful setting of a modern home in the mountains of Vermont.

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The Architect's Cabin

Lost somewhere in the heart of Franconia Notch, New Hampshire , is the quiet little Architect’s Cabin. Below it’s big arched roof runs a creek, with big windows and balconies out back to appreciate the sound of the water on the rocks. As I stayed at the Architect’s Cabin during an autumn storm, I was captivated by the sounds of the falling leaves and breeze in the trees…it motivated me to take on any number of the nearby hikes high into the White Mountains.

The Architect’s Cabin

Bradley Mountain

Sturdy, reliable, and drop-dead gorgeous. Bradley Mountain makes some of the finest outdoor gear around, perfect for your Huckleberry Finn adventures down into the creeks and up the mountainsides. We took the Wilder Backpack out for a test drive on the coasts of Maine and on a canoe trip in Western Mass and were well…wildly impressed.

Bradley Mountain

Smith's Leather Balm

Smith’s Leather balm is a homegrown Maine product straight from a guy who knows leather better than I know some of my best friends. Their organic formula consisting of 3 simple ingredients brings new life into your worn leather goods, and offers a layer of protection from the elements. Take care of your cherished leather goods.

Smiths Leather Balm