Diagon Air

A warm glow could be seen through the forest. To our left, a blueberry field with a view that extended out into the Penobscot Bay - and that glow was at the end of a road to our right, marked by cobblestones. We had been on the road all day, and now we were puling into the warm glow of the Diagon Air Cottage. We unloaded our bags from the Land Cruiser and immediately found ourselves at home. The Diagon Air Cottage creates a perfect blend of a private Maine woods cabin, while being an impressively modern and exquisite escape. Take a warm bath or relax in the steam shower, cook a fancy meal in the modern kitchen, or get cozy with a book from the library in one of the many quiet living areas of the house. When you’re ready, you can explore the nearby Deer Isle and Stonington, full of wildlife, trails, beaches, islands, villages, cafes, and working ports. It’s truly a perfect escape for anyone from New England adventurer to quiet bookworm.

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Diagon Air.