The Smiths Leather Balm Project

On a last minute message before a trip to Mount Desert Island, Maine, I traveled down to York to meet with Shane and his family, and see the Smiths Leather Balm operation. "Products to pass down" was a statement that rang with me the whole drive to Acadia. Shane had said it as I was putting a bag of leather balm into my car as we discussed craftsmanship. Today it's about use, abuse, and re-use. Smiths Leather Balm takes use and re-use to the next level, providing a natural and safe way to maintain your leather goods. Simple ingredients, simple application, simple look... lasting result. 

Smiths Leather Balm is a Maine-based company with organic roots in the shoe industry providing hand-made leather balm and other goods. Smiths provides a simple and safe way to care for leather goods from boots to backpacks, and everything in between. 

To learn more about Smiths Leather Balm and to order some of your own, please click below. 

Smiths Leather Balm