The Howling Woods Project

I awoke at the crack of dawn. I had spent the night before listening to the coyotes and crackle of the fire.  This morning the cabin was cool and crisp inside. The scent of maple and spruce was in the air. I yawned and stretched as I left the coziness of the bed. I walked over to the wood stove and got the fire restarted. Warmth washed over the cabin. Candace came by shortly after to drop off fresh eggs from the 'misfit farm' just outside of the treeline. I slow cooked the eggs over easy on the wood stove as I packed a day bag for some exploration in Acadia National Park. As the sunlight became stronger the smoke from my stove created rays of light in the trees. I went out on the porch to strum a few notes on the surprisingly warm February morning. Soon after I left the cabin in search of coffee and adventure. Only to return for another night among the coyotes and the trees.  

The Howling Woods is a rental destination in Seal Cove, Maine with several different cabins available for rent. Nestled in a fantasy forest behind beautiful art installations in the woods, each cabin has it's own unique feel. One can visit with the various animals at the 'misfit farm' and enjoy fresh eggs from it's hens. It's easy to make friends with Candace and Brendan in their little village in the forest, and adventure is always just a few steps away. For more on The Howling Woods and to book your stay, please click below. 

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The Howling Woods