The Long Pond Project

I traveled to Long Pond at the end of 2017 and met with the kind and tight knit family behind such a beautiful destination. Long Pond is nestled on a private hilltop in the Berkshires, just outside of Great Barrington, Massachusetts. I'd take time into the new year photographing and creating in this getaway. It's a place of unparalleled elegance, but it doesn't compromise on it's creative and inspirational atmosphere.  Walls are adorned with art from artists and family members alike, and relics with a flavor from around the globe can be spotted with every movement of the eye. Design reigns king; big windows, high ceilings, track lighting and cozy fireplaces. Places of socialization blend right in with the places of intimacy. Late nights under the stars in the hot tub, world music playing in the chef-inspired kitchen and dining room as your guests enjoy their meal. Grilling out on the patio as folks enjoy the yard and take in views of the Berkshires. The possibilities are endless at Long Pond. Click below to find out more about Long Pond. 


Long Pond