The Poets Cottage Project

I traveled to Southwest Harbor, Maine in December of 2017 to photograph the Poet's Cottage. It would be a weekend in the woods just a few minutes from Acadia National Park. There's a certain magic to be found in the poets cottage, an almost fantasy magic. The old wooden floors, small gas stove, and the simplistic nature of the place brings out the details that can sometimes be lost by overthinking things. The Poet's Cottage brings out your simple side and emphasizes human connections. We spent late nights in the living room downstairs talking about our past stories, future hopes, and cracking jokes. I'd wake up at sunrise and admire the condensation outside, with the hints of sunlight coming through the evergreen. In the morning we'd all work together to prepare eggs, toast, smoked salmon, coffee and orange juice. We'd share dish responsibility as easy as we'd share stories in the poets cottage. After a long day on the road, nothing felt better than kicking off the boots and kicking back in the cabin. For more on the Poets Cottage, click below. 


The Poet's Cottage