The Seguin Project

In the autumn of 2017 I traveled to Seguin Tree Dwellings in Georgetown, Maine to stay in one of their luxury treehouse units. I sat on the deck as an evening autumn breeze passed through the trees. In the distance, just down the waterway I could see the ocean. Its water reflecting some of the light of the setting sun in the West. I had opened up the historic windows, and I could hear French tunes playing from inside. Across a rope bridge between the trees lied the bedroom. I could't wait to kick up my feet on the bed later at night and rest from a day of travel. I cooked a simple dinner as I took photos and enjoyed the energy of the location. I was alone for the night on this one. The alone time was much needed, it was a good way to clear my head, and open up space for new creative ventures. While often I find experience isn't quite as good unless shared,this was an exception.  I was glad to have the opportunity to break apart an experience for just myself for once, to learn from it. In a highly social world where connection is the baseline of living, it was nice to step out of it for a while. For more on Seguin Tree Dwellings, click below. 

Seguin Tree Dwellings